Asiel Norton was born in a small cabin his father built on Kneeland mountain in an isolated section of the American Northwest. His family lived tending sheep, chickens, and rabbits, living an Arcadian lifestyle with limited electricity, and water attained from a nearby stream. Having no television, his father would take him to the local University a distance away to watch revivals of classic films, giving birth to a life long passion for movies. He began a life in pictures as a still photographer by attending the Brooks Institute of Photography. He finished his education at the University of Southern California majoring in film production. His first feature film REDLAND  traveled the film circuit extensively and received theatrical release. Asiel was named one of the 25 New Faces of Independent Film by Filmmaker Magazine, and was a nominee for an Independent Spirit Award. His follow up feature is the post apocalyptic fantasy ORION starring David Arquette and Lily Cole.



“The film is both tough and lyrical, and while it's as attuned to the natural world as any Terrence Malick picture, it also possesses a muscular beauty reminiscent of early Tarkovsky…” 

Filmmaker Magazine


“’Redland is an art film in the most literal and complimentary sense. Every frame of it looks like an Impressionist painting or an exquisite photo… its style is nothing short of astonishing… ‘Redland’ features some of the most breathtaking photography I've ever seen in a movie…”                                        



 “First-time filmmaker Asiel Norton scores big-time with this dreamy, surreal drama about a dirt-poor mountain family trying to survive during the Depression. Featuring some of the most gorgeous cinematography I've ever seen, it's a trippy film with thought-provoking (and disturbing) ideas lurking beneath its non-linear story and gauzy images.”


“Utterly gorgeous…”                                                              



 “A visual and thematic powerhouse… the music, the acting, and the writing are all amazing. At times it reminded me of ‘The Proposition’, though ‘Redland’ manages to reach poetic heights that even Hillcoat’s film just wasn’t willing to climb to.”        

Quiet Earth


“’Redland’ is a beautiful film… It’s power is undeniable… (Mark Aaron and Lucy Adden) give incredible performances that are as subtle as they are bold.”


“Director Asiel Norton's first feature film, ‘Redland’ is the kind of film I go to festivals hoping to find: imaginative, lovely, and not quite like anything I've seen before.”

Film Essent


I would compare it favorably to the 1970's output of Stanley Kubrick, Ingmar Bergman, or Terrence Malick… The cast is so good, I cannot believe they were acting… it’s brilliant.”                                                                             


“(Redland) is a reminder of how long the spirit of 70’s era Malick, Weir, and Altman have been missing from the independent film landscape… an American independent film that looks like ‘Redland’ hasn’t been made in years. Every single frame of celluloid has been fully realized and produced, resulting in an unusual example of cinematic beauty.”